Limit Coke and Carburization to Enhance Furnace Performance

G Squared has extensive experience developing solutions for enhancing fired heater performance. We partner with Manoir Industries to offer customized high alloy tubes for steam crackers and reformers. Manoir offers many advantages as a supplier of high alloy tubes for steam crackers:

  • Leading manufacturer of static and centrifugally cast high alloy tubes, fittings, tube sheets and peripheral components for petrochemical plants
  • Trusted supplier for ethylene and reforming (ammonia, methanol, hydrogen) furnaces
  • Manoir R&D investments have led to new high-temperature alloys that increase the life cycle of components
  • Manoir’s Alloy Services Team evaluates materials and processes, solve problems, extends run lengths, optimizes reliability and improves overall cost of operations

G Squared is Your Gulf Coast Source for High Alloy Tubes Steam Crackers

G Squared has the experience and technical resources to evaluate materials and processes, to extend furnace run lengths. We provide high alloy tubes for steam crackers with reliable quality and dependable shipment lead-times at a competitive cost.  Our team has years of proven experience working with ethylene producers to supply proprietary Manoir Manaurite alloys. We supply both small diameter spun cast tubes and associated fittings and large diameter tubes and fittings for the flexible large capacity cracker designs. 

Tell Us About Your Project

  • Steam Crackers

Manoir Industries is a full-service supplier of tubes, coils, harps, manifolds, and tube sheets for the petrochemical industry.  The Manoir Alloy Services Team is a resource for metallurgical services to provide the proper tube metallurgy to operators in order to achieve the following:

  • Reduce coking
  • Lower carburization
  • Higher cracking efficiencies
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Allow for longer furnace run times

Manoir Industries can offer a variety of solutions, including finned tubes, coated tubes, and aluminum alloy tubes to assist in the above performance goals.

As a full-service supplier, we supply project management, welding and fabrication services, installation support, and operator training.