G SQUARED Engineered Products, Inc. is a technical sales & service agency that serves the Southeast Gulf Coast region in Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, and Southwest Alabama.

Our emphasis has been exclusively on the supply & service of engineered equipment and systems for energy, refining, and petrochemical manufacturing plants throughout the region.

Network of Experts

The G SQUARED Management Team has intentionally cultivated and developed a potent network of subject matter experts & manufacturers supporting inter-related technologies, equipment, and disciplines:

  • Furnaces, Reformers, Fired Heaters, Combustion Equipment
  • Combustion Air and Flue Gas Handling
  • Process Filtration & Dust Collection
  • Air Pollution Control

Our “special teams” deliver the highest levels of technical excellence and competence for their respective services, systems and equipment.

Communication is Key

We bring a collaborative and disciplined Project Management approach to each & every interaction. Our company understands the essential nature of proactive communication. We are dedicated to understanding and pursuing the essential questions up front. We are skilled at effective communications across multiple disciplines, industries, cultures and time zones. In this way, we have built a track record of consistently delivering a “no surprises” outcome that is on time, on budget, and precisely fulfills the need.

Proactive and Responsive

Last, but not least- each of our partners is fully committed to responsive service. We bring a level of agility to respond promptly to inquiries as well as any unforeseen developments during a project. We purposely support the continuous improvement of our partners’ businesses with collaborative feedback and insights. In this way- our team has grown stronger with every project.

Take a look at our website and reach out to discuss your needs directly in more detail.

Whether you have a rough concept, a defined project, or even in the event that you may not be sure yet how best to proceed-G SQUARED can serve as the vital resource you need get your upgrade, turnaround, or expansion project kicked off and successfully across the end zone.

We look forward to speaking with you!