Versatile Design and Reliable Performance for a Variety of Applications

Centrifugal fans create higher pressures than axial fans. Centrifugal fan benefits include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Optimal durability
  • Non-overloading
  • Easy maintenance
  • Extreme versatility

Different centrifugal fans models offer specific benefits, but overall centrifugal fans and blowers are well suited to a wide range of application needs.

Performance Range Up to 52,000 CFM
Shipment 10 Working Days
Temperature Range Up to 750° F

G Squared Supplies Centrifugal Fan Needs in the Gulf Coast Region

You need fans that deliver performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency. We partner with Cincinnati Fan to offer you the industry’s top performing centrifugal fans and blowers. The G Squared centrifugal fan offering includes replacements for legacy brands such as Buffalo Howden, Twin City, New York Blower, and Chicago Blower.

Other advantages G Squared offers you as your Gulf Coast centrifugal fan supplier:

  • Custom engineering and fabrication to meet specific needs
  • Knowledgeable and responsive customer service
  • Experienced OEM & CEM support
  • Quick lead time and fast delivery
  • Expedited shipping available

Our team offers you the best combination of performance, quality, and value to assure the long-term efficiency and reliability of your process. Contact G Squared to discuss your centrifugal fan needs.

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Description CFM SPWG Max Air Stream Temp
Pressure Blower up to 4,500 up to 20″ 400° F
Stamped Steel Pressure Blowers up to 4,075 up to 18″ 400° F
Fabricated Steel Pressure Blowers up to 4,462 up to 20″ 750° F
Cast Aluminum Volume Blowers up to 2,000 up to 4″ 300° F
High Pressure Radial Blowers up to 7,000 up to 78″ 750° F
Radial Blade Exhauster up to 22,528 up to 41″ 750° F
Heavy Duty Backward Inclined Blowers up to 51,965 up to 25″ 750° F
Heavy Duty Airfoil Blowers up to 48,551 up to 21″ 750° F
Centrifugal Plug Fans up to 26,992 up to 25″ 800° F
Airfoil Plug Fans up to 28,600 up to 18″ 800° F
Centrifugal Fans Plenum Plug Fan up to 33,000 up to 25″ 200° F
Square Fans Plenum Plug Fans up to 28,141 up to 23″ 750° F
Square Airfoil Blowers up to 27,985 up to 17″ 750° F
  • Shrouded radial blade blower wheels – designed to deliver higher pressures for pressurizing, blow-off systems and long duct or pipe runs
  • Open radial blade with backplate blower wheels – designed for conveying powdery or granular material and long stringy paper trimmings or fibers
  • Open paddle wheel – primarily for conveying powdery or granular material
  • Backward inclined blower wheels available with a flat blade design or a more efficient airfoil design blade, used for general ventilation, forced cooling in dust collection systems
  • Forward curve multi-vane blower wheels – for moving large volumes of air at lower pressures
  • Backward curved radial blower wheels – designed to expand the performance ratings of open radial bladed wheels in some direct driven fans
  • Combustion air
  • Forced draft
  • Induced draft
  • Dust collection
  • Air pollution control
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Drying systems
  • Fume removal
  • Ventilating fans
  • API fans
  • Air & material handling
  • Paper conveying
  • Scrubber exhaust

Need help finding the right fan for your application?

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