Two-Stage Design Achieves Higher Efficiencies at Lower Pressure Drops

G Squared develops completely engineered systems utilizing multiple Nederman MikroPul wet scrubber technologies for achieving higher efficiencies at lower pressure drops or increasing performance of existing scrubbers. Nederman MikroPul’s line of wet scrubbers can reduce costs significantly with an integrated solution. G Squared is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the development of systems for a wide range of applications including high moisture environments and dust explosion mitigation.
Nederman MikroPul wet scrubber options include:

  • Mikro-Vane Scrubber
  • Venturi Scrubber
  • Dynamic Scrubber
  • Multi-Venturi Scrubber
  • Packed Bed Scrubber
  • Two Stage Scrubber

G Squared Supplies Dust Explosion Mitigation Needs in the Gulf Coast Region

When you need a solution for dust explosion mitigation, you can rely on G Squared and Nederman MikroPul. The Mikro-Vane Scrubber and Venturi Scrubber delivers proven performance in a wide range of applications, as well as costs savings.

Advantages G Squared offers you as your Gulf Coast dust explosion mitigation supplier:

  • Strong technical competency in dust collection equipment
  • Knowledgeable and responsive customer service
  • Competitive pricing and deliveries
  • Assistance with system design
  • Installation & set-up assistance

Our team offers you the best combination of performance, quality, and value to assure the long-term efficiency and reliability of your process. Read more on Combustible Dust and contact G Squared to discuss your dust explosion mitigation needs.

Tell Us About Your Project

  • Mikro-Vane Scrubber
  • Dynamic Scrubber
  • Venturi and Multi-Venturi Scrubbers
  • Packed Bed and Two Stage Scrubbers

This basic scrubber has the capability of tolerating high inlet dust loadings without sacrificing its collection efficiency, which is 99+% at around the 5 micron size range.


  • Handles high dust loads
  • Low pressure drop – 1.2 kPa (5 in. w.g.)
  • Low water use
  • Low water pressure
  • High solids content in recycling water
  • No moving parts
  • Low maintenance

Sample Applications

  • Dryers
  • General dedusting
  • Mining
  • Polypropylene dryers

Nederman MikroPul’s Dynamic Scrubber has an integral wetted fan that can be used in all industrial applications where dust, aerosol, and gas are present, especially in the metals and chemical industries. The Dynamic Scrubber is also well-suited for dust control in spray drying and incineration plants and odor control.


  • High collection efficiency of solid and gaseous pollutants
  • Maximum pressure drop of 1.2 kPa (5 in. w.g.)
  • Multiple scrubbing stages can be applied
  • Various mist eliminator devices can be utilized

Sample Applications

  • Lime kilns
  • Lime shakers
  • Dissolving tanks
  • Mining
  • Minerals

Nederman MikroPul venturi scrubbers are designed to suit many processes to capture sub-micron particles, with minimum downtime and maintenance. The venturi scrubber is most flexible design for any scrubber technology. Nederman MikroPul venturi scrubbers have been successfully utilized from mining to metal and fertilizer to food applications. Our experienced engineers will design a venturi scrubber to suit your specific application.

Venturi Scrubber Benefits

  • Ideal for explosive dust, compared to baghouse or cyclone
  • +99% efficiency for particulate removal
  • Open pipe liquid introduction – requires minimum maintenance
  • Adjustable venturi throat allows, -ease of operation and flexibility of process conditions
  • High inlet temperature with addition of pre-quench section
  • Modified cyclonic separator design for high percentage solids in recycle loop
  • No Wet/Dry zone
  • Virtually maintenance free design

Multi Venturi Scrubber Benefits

  • Up to 99%+ collection efficiency into submicron range
  • Wide range of pressure drops from 2.5 – 15 kPa (10 – 60 in. w.g.)
  • High performance at low pressure drops
  • Adjustable venturi rod deck (manual or automatic)
  • Compact, low profile design offers installation flexibility
  • Ideal for particulate scrubbing and gas absorption
  • Self draining
  • Water level control not required
  • Low maintenance-rods are easily replaced

Packed Bed Scrubber

Nederman MikroPul Packed Tower systems can be applied as gas absorbers, coolers, air humidifiers, or condensers. They are commonly applied in the field of purification of industrial gases. Systems are custom engineered to meet specific application needs. Packed bed scrubbers are signed to neutralize many gaseous pollutants, packed bed scrubber offers a compact design and low capital cost.

Packed Bed Scrubber Benefits

  • Utilize for gas absorption, cooling or condensing
  • +99% efficiencies for many gaseous pollutants; including HCl, HF, CL2, H2S, HCN, SO2, and NH3.
  • State of the art packing shapes and materials
  • High mass-transfer efficiency limits footprint
  • Complete system with reagent preparation, fan, pumps, controls, stack, etc
  • Quench section can be added to cool hot gases
  • Can be integrated with particulate scrubber to remove dust

Two Stage Scrubber

Two Stage Scrubbers are engineered systems utilizing multiple Nederman MikroPul scrubber technologies for achieving higher efficiencies at lower pressure drops or increasing performance of existing scrubbers.

Two Stage Scrubber Benefits

  • Combination of scrubber designs to increase particulate removal efficiency
  • Packed tower with integral venturi inlet for applications requiring particulate and gas emissions control. Chimney tray design maintains separate liquid loops.
  • Two stage gas absorption in one tower to handle acidic and basic gases
  • Utilization of different throat and inlet designs to increase particulate removal efficiency
  • Quench section to handle high inlet temperatures
  • Condensing section to reduce airflow prior to particulate or gaseous pollutant removal
  • Increased mist elimination efficiency designs