Cost-efficient, Spark-Resistance, and Dependable Performance

G Squared is your source for a wide range of cast aluminum blowers that deliver reliable performance and offer a much less costly alternative to fabricated aluminum fans. Cast aluminum has a rugged look and attractive surface appearance, which can be brushed, buffed, or colored by anodizing. These aluminum blowers also offer spark resistance for AMCA requirements.

Performance Range Up to 4,500 CFM
Shipment 10 Days
Temperature Range Up to 400° F

G Squared Supplies Ventilation Fan Needs in the Gulf Coast Region

G Squared partners with Cincinnati Fan to offer aluminum fans and blowers. Advantages G Squared offers you as your Gulf Coast centrifugal fan supplier:

  • Custom engineering and fabrication to meet specific needs
  • Knowledgeable and responsive customer service
  • Experienced OEM & CEM support
  • Quick lead time and fast delivery
  • Expedited shipping available

Our team offers you the best combination of performance, quality, and value to assure the long-term efficiency and reliability of your process. Contact G Squared to discuss your aluminum fan needs.

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LM Volume Blowers

  • Cast aluminum blower housing
  • Rugged appearance for OEM designers of heavy duty equipment
  • Easy slip or flanged connections to duct or pipe without the additional cost of transitions
  • Arrangement 8 units come standard with shaft/coupling guards
  • Arrangement 9 units come standard with belt guards

LMF Volume Blowers

  • Cast aluminum housing designed for easy direct mounting to motors and cabinets
  • Four model sizes are available
  • All LMF models are available in clockwise (CW) rotation, arrangement 4HM only
  • All LMF models include an integral cast discharge flange for mounting and a neoprene flange gasket

PB Cast Aluminum Pressure Blowers

  • Multiple wheels and inlet sizes
  • Capacities up to 4500 CFM and 20″ SPWG
  • Standard air stream temperatures to 150°
  • Optional high temperature construction up to 400°
  • Spark Resistant – Model LM & LMF are standard with cast aluminum blower housings and steel, multi-vane wheels making them AMCA Type C spark resistant. Most models can be made AMCA Type B spark resistant with the addition of an aluminum wheel.
  • Easy Pipe or Duct Connections and Mountings – LM Models have round inlets and discharges for easy slip or flanged connections to duct or pipe without expensive square-to-round transitions. This also allows for easy flexible hose connections. LMF Models have integral cast-on discharge flanges making it easy to mount to cabinets, motors, frames, etc. without requiring expensive mountings.
  • Inlet Filers
  • Shaft and/Heat Slinger Guard
  • Teflon Shaft Seal
  • Inlet/Outlet Flange
  • Slide Gate Damper
  • Inlet/Outlet Guard
  • Belt Guard – Standard Arr.9
  • Drain

Need help finding the right fan for your application?

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