Roth Pump Co.

Roth Pump Co.

Roth Pump Co. regenerative turbine pumps.

ROTH Regenerative Turbine Pumps reliably deliver excellent performance with years of consistent service in some of the toughest applications. Ideal for low-flow, high-head pumping of liquids at or near vapor pressure with only 1 Foot NPSH, ROTH pumps can handle flow rates in the range of 1 or 2 GPM to over 150 GPM, and multi-stage ROTH pump models can deliver discharge heads in excess of 5000 feet TDH with operating temperatures from cryogenic to 450 F.

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ROTH Low NPSH Pumps have an extremely robust process capability. These pumps are simple, compact, direct drive, API compliant designs operating at 1750 or 3600 RPM, with NO gearbox and NO high-speed seals. Any standard commercial single and double mechanical seal and API seal plans are available, as well as seal-less magnetic drive models that completely sidestep chronic seal problems and eliminate fugitive emissions with years of consistent and reliable service.

Stainless steel or high alloy construction is available for reactive and/or corrosive applications. VFD Driven ROTH pumps can add tremendous process flexibility with improved efficiency for many processes.

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