G Squared Engineered Products offers state of the art industrial equipment that slashes operating costs, boosts reliability, enhances flexibility, builds capability and eliminates down-time. Our product offerings are extensive and represent leading manufacturers in the industry. Take a moment to explore our product categories below or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Industrial Fans & Blowers


Industrial Fans & BlowersIncludes: Aluminum Fans, API Fans, Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, High Temperature Fans, Industrial Blowers, Regenerative Blowers, Spark Resistant Fans, and Ventilation Fans

Process Filtration


Process Filtration


Includes: Catalyst Recovery Filters


Fired Heaters


Fired Heaters

Includes: Dampers and Expansion Joints, High Alloy Tubes for Steam Crackers, and Revamps

Industrial Dust Collection


Industrial Dust CollectionIncludes: Cartridge Dust Collectors, Dust Explosion Mitigation, and Wet Dust Collectors

Specialty Pumps, Fluid Handling Pumps


Specialty Pumps, Fluid Handling PumpsIncludes: Magnetic Drive Pumps and Regenerative Turbine Pumps

Glass Lined Equipment


Glass Lined EquipmentIncludes: Duker Glass Lined Steel Pipe