2019 Ethylene Producers’ Conference to Include G Squared Partners

2019 Ethylene Producers' Conference
G SQUARED technology and equipment partners will be represented at the upcoming 2019 Ethylene Producers’ Committee Conference, to be held March 31 – April 4, 2019, at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.

Manoir Industries is a leading supplier and developer of advanced materials for critical, high temperature, high alloy tubes and fittings used within cracking furnaces. Several of their latest advancements in alloy formulation and manufacturing practices deliver compelling advantages to the end users, including reduction of coking and increased thermal stability. Manoir’s unique AlloyServicesTM program offers world class metallurgical expertise and state-of-the-art analytical testing for materials characterization and aging assessment, validation testing, forensics, and failure analysis. You can visit Manoir Industries at Booth #1.

Hugues Chasselin of Manoir Industries, will be presenting a technical paper on the latest options for performance improvement in ethylene furnace radial coils on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 9:40 AM CST in the Jefferson Ballroom. His presentation will include new aluminum alloys to delay coke formation, new tube geometry to enhance heat transfer, and coke catalyst coatings to improve run length, fuel gas savings, and increased throughout.

UOP Callidus Technologies continues to serve the ethylene industry as a leading supplier and designer of cracking furnace burners, vent gas flare systems, and thermal oxidizer equipment. Their technical team actively supports process optimization and troubleshooting to maximize reliability and performance. Experienced Callidus team members will be in attendance to share important news about their latest advancements. This includes AEROTM sidewall burner designs and configurations developed specifically to address the unique demands of ethylene furnace service applications. Also highlighted will be the new NViroTM low steam consumption flare tips. This flare efficiently addresses the latest RSR compliance issues – without sacrificing economy or operational flexibility. You can visit UOP Callidus Technologies at Booth #8.

Contact Steve Gaudin or Russ Brown at G SQUARED for further information, or to arrange a conversation to discuss how our “Special Teams” can best support your process and business requirements for safe, efficient, and reliable ethylene production.