G Squared Partners Featured at 2019 SynGas Association Conference

2019 SynGas Conference, Houston, TX
G SQUARED’s technology and equipment partners are set to participate in the upcoming 2019 SynGas Association Conference, taking place March 11 – 13, 2019 at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott in Houston, TX.

HEURTEY Petrochem Solutions (Petro-Chem Development Company) will be available to discuss our worldwide capabilities to execute complete “design and build” projects for ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen reformers. Additionally, our Tulsa-based Process and Field Services (PFS) division performs comprehensive aftermarket furnace studies, inspection and diagnosis, engineering upgrades, process optimization, and revamp support (including critical service components and fabrications) for all OEM furnace manufacturers. Swing by our Booth 217 to learn more.

Manoir Industries is a primary supplier and developer of advanced materials for critical, high temperature, high alloy tubes and fittings used within reformers and cracking furnaces. Many of our latest advancements in alloy formulation and manufacturing practices deliver compelling advantages to the end user such as reduced coking and increased thermal stability. Our unique AlloyServices ™ program offers world class metallurgical expertise and state-of-the-art analytical testing for materials characterization and aging assessment, validation testing, forensics and failure analysis. Come meet us at Booth 415 to discuss your challenges operational goals and challenges.

UOP Callidus Technologies continues to serve the syngas industry as leading designers of reformer burners, vent gas flare systems and thermal oxidizer equipment. Our technical team is highly active in support of process optimization and troubleshooting for maximum reliability and performance. Experienced Callidus team members will be in attendance to share the latest news regarding our AERO™ sidewall burner designs and configurations, which were developed to address the unique demands of reformer service applications. Also learn about our new Callidus NViro™ low steam consumption flare, which efficiently addresses the current RSR compliance issues without sacrificing economy or operational flexibility.

Contact Steve Gaudin or Russ Brown directly to arrange a further exchange of information, as you require, to best support your process and business requirements for safe and reliable ammonia, hydrogen, and methanol production.